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peace_heaven [userpic]

Novel Review

April 20th, 2010 (07:34 am)

Peace's mood: accomplished

Compilation: The Lost
Title: Lost in Paradise
Author: Mary Blayney

Summary: Sebastian Dushayne had lived for almost 200 years since his beloved wife's, Angelique, mother cursed him in 1810s when Angelique died during the storm season He was cursed to not able leave the island and to feel remorseful for the rest of his life. Angelique's mother blamed Sebastian on her daughter's death as Sebastian was the one to order Angelique to travel back during the storm season. To break this curse, Sebastian had to fall in love with someone with the heart pure as gold. And this person was Isabelle. Sebastian struggled through his fear to fall in love as he was afraid that by falling in love again, he may once again cause the love of his life to die. In the end, the curse was broken when Sebastian fell in love with Isabelle and they left the island, only to return periodically to run away from reality. Happily ever after!

Remark: Love, lust, hope, happiness and misery were all the things we could found in this short story by Mary Blayney. It highlighted on the power of love and hope. Also, it mentioned about the ability to trust someone instead of doubting which was getting difficult in the current society. Undoubtedly, it was a great story which one would have to read as the author was creative in the writings by including hymns in the story and the idea of the curse which had allowed one to live for more than a century. Yet, it was not suitable for all age-groups as it had some explicit parts in the story. Overall, it was another great story in the compilation which had enough suspense and great adventure but if you are in for mystery and logic as such in detective story, you will prefer the first story(Missing in Death) over this one as this story do not sound as logical due to a person living for over a century.