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peace_heaven [userpic]

Novel Review

April 15th, 2010 (08:57 am)

Peace's mood: excited

Compilation: The Lost
Title: Missing in Death
Author: J.D. Robb

Summary: A woman named Carolee saw another woman known to be Dana being murdered by a man called Ivan in the restroom which was known to be out of order. After that, she was being knocked out and when she got back, she lost her memory of seeing the murder scene. This puzzled Detective Eve. When Eve dug around the evidence, she found the dark side of the Homeland, an organisation which caused pain and hurt to her as well as the murderer. And this murderer, Ivan, killed Dana (later found out to be an associate assassin)to take revenge on her as she had killed his family.

Review: It was one of the most splendid works I had ever read in a few months' time. The story was very well-planned and lured you to continue to read. Also, the characters which appeared in the story were being drafted out nicely allowing you to know more about what the characters were thinking. It brought out the darker side of human nature like cruelty, greed and ruthless etc because of assassination, trade of dangerous weapons and dark works of organisations in the story. Alas, it was one great work which one should not miss.